Selected Artist for the Metaversal Language exhibition, an NFT exhibit and artist panel with Blackdove x TimeOut during Miami Art Basel 2021 at TimeOut Market, curated by Jess Conatser. The exhibit was an open dialogue that explored a deeper look into the mercural world known as the metaverse, inviting viewers to reconsider language used in our imminent reality: How do we communicate in this rapidly evolving environment? How will this duality affect society on a universal scale? Each artist was asked to conceptualize a piece based on this theme. The work on display for this exhibit was titled Gradual. Losing Touch with Time and Metahealth, the work displays gradual change of the residual-self as we venture further away from reality without prioritizing digital nutrition and virtual climate. The Exhibit also consisted of 5 artist also including REO, Ben Heim, Sasha Styles, and Kenneth Wayne Alexander II.