James Goodwin explores heuristic approaches to social innovation and self-discovery through a digital lens capturing that of a malleable reality. He created the entity DATASYNCED – an extension of himself and his interests accumulating in digital space. These interests consist of Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Immersion in the Digital Age and it’s influence on the Collective Consciousness. His work has been seen at IIIPoints, Art Basel, Showfields, RAW POP UP and more. He has collaborated with brands like OnePlus, Pabst, YouTube, and has been featured in Cultured Magazine, Visual Atelier 8, and more.


︎ Consultation
   ︎ Digital Trends
   ︎ Strategic Foresight
︎ Experience Design (Immersive/Interactive)
︎ Site-Specific Installation
︎ 3D Visualization
︎ 3D Capture/Photogrammetry (3D Scanning)
︎ Instagram Filters (Augmented Reality)
︎ Sound Design
︎ Prototyping
︎ Concept Development
︎ Website Development
︎ Interactive Presentation