july 9th, 2021

So, you’ve made it to this digital digest somehow and it’s fair to assume (in this case) that it was probably accessed through a smartphone or computer of some sort, unless you’ve built or have access to some other technological window. Point is that more often than not, digital smart devices are used everyday to transport us to digital spaces where we are exposed to information and consume content, which science confirms has an affect on our mental and physical health. The affect it has on our physical and mental well-being? Well, that can be both positive and negative, but that all depends on the content and how much of it you’re consuming. You know it’s bad when our devices evolve to have features that help us manage our screentime (no shade, no shade). You’d think Apple would call it ‘Appetite’ instead of ‘Screentime’, since it’s literally showing us which Apps we are consuming the most and it’s a better play on words but that’s besides the point. We have to start thinking about apps similar to how to we think about restaurants: Explore pages, email clutter, spam, annoying targeted ads, unwanted notifications, and so many other things are on the menu once we step foot in that world and it can become physically and mentally draining. That sounds like Digital Food Poisoning or something (Read more)...

We can refer to this ideology as Digital Nutrition, which is an understanding of the impact that digital consumption can have on our mental and physical health. The term was created in 2013 by Jocelyn Brewer via Digital Nutrition. It is the process of ensuring that consumption is actively managed and supplements your mind, body, health and relationships. Sounds like we need to start slowing down on the heavy digital foods and swapping them out with lighter ones, and maybe even consider new virtual restaurants too before we enter a new age of health concerns.

Concluding question: Could Digital Obesity be a health concern in the future?

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